Pre-Christmas strategies to prevent loss or damage to your business

Just like us law-abiding citizens, criminals require money during the Christmas period, too.  As a result, increased crime can put a real dampner on holiday spirits.


Criminals target people during the busy period when they are distracted.  As many businesses close down during the holiday season, they are vulnerable to attacks — particularly cyber-crime.

Cyber-attacks increase prior to Christmas.  And during the Christmas holidays, businesses’ bank accounts can be vulnerable to attacks by unscrupulous criminals when bank accounts are not regularly monitored.

So, make sure your internal controls are robust to prevent the chances of theft or fraud.

Here are some simple measures you can take to mitigate risk:

  1. Guard your passwords
    For accounts and financial staff it is important to protect passwords and ensure they are updated every few months. Never offer your password to anyone else — certainly not from an irregular prompt  for change of password through an internet email.
  2. Recognise bogus emails
    It’s easy to recognise bogus emails where the domain name is slightly different to the correct company  domain name. For example, instead of there could be another word or numbers embedded in the email address where somebody has created a similar domain name.

For any ongoing help in protecting your business contact Omega Investigations.