Incident Management Training


Organisations have a duty of care to their personnel and members of the public to give them the best chance of surviving.

Preparing people for an attack can greatly influence their behaviour and improve their chances of survival.

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Omega Investigations offers an Incident Management Training Package for your workplace that provides training tailored to your organisation and work environment.
Where possible, we come to you, allowing for tiered, in-situ training and walk-through scenarios for you and your staff, in your workplace.
Our package is based on the following framework:

Conflict Resolution Training

Classroom Training (2 hours)

Online Training (1 hour)

Conflict situations are becoming more common in our society. This could be caused by increased stress and pressure, alcohol and drugs or more specific events that trigger anger and conflict. Our facilitators have a wealth of experience in dealing with conflict to protect staff and their organisations.
Conflict resolution training will:
➢ Provide an understanding of the meaning of conflict and de-escalation
➢ Identify increased risk factors
➢ Provide the tools to de-escalate a conflict situation

Active Threat / Active Shooter Site Survey

In order to assist you develop a plan, our facilitator will carry out a site assessment of your workplace and surrounds including entry and exit points to the building and/or level, layout, available security (including CCTV, door locks/access control, panic alarms, PA systems), communication systems and staff numbers. This will assist in developing the most appropriate, site specific, strategies and procedures for your organisation.

Senior Management Training

In any emergency, leadership and pre-planning is crucial. Our training for senior management provides:
➢ Plan development
➢ Deterrence & protection
➢ Drafting of procedures
➢ Evacuation versus lockdown ➢ Table-top exercises
➢ The role of technology
➢ Incident Management manual
Key points covered are planning, protocols & procedures, logistics, communication, followed by the aftermath and returning to business as usual.

Staff Training

We believe in bespoke, personalised training for your staff that fully explains the why as well as the how, and promotes engagement and buy-in. Staff are taught how to keep themselves and their colleagues safe by providing and practicing simple and non-complicated procedures on how to respond to a critical incident. We cover:
➢ Threat & security awareness
➢ Announcements & communication (onsite & offsite) ➢ Evacuation versus lockdown
➢ Response procedures
➢ Places of safety & exit routes
➢ Rehearsals / drills
Key points covered include day to day security awareness, recognising a threat and raising the alarm, familiarity with announcements, knowledge of procedures and aftermath procedures.

“Guidance and training to help your organisation prepare”