Fraud and Business Risk Prevention

In the last two years, there has been a surge of attacks on businesses which include fraud, IT or cyber attacks, conflicts of interest in particular in procurement, employee, customer and supplier issues. Through our co-company, OMNI RISK LIMITED, we have developed some unique and clever online risk assessment tools to protect an enterprise. These are comprehensive yet cost effective. Complete the assessment and identify a variety of business risks to see how your business scores.

We can then guide you through the process to mitigate those risks and secure your enterprise against attacks internally or externally.

Please click on the link to our Omni Risk – Business Integrity Information Brochure.


Surveillance can piece together valuable information and evidence to strengthen your personal or legal position.
We are the best surveillance operatives in New Zealand, experienced and capable of finding the missing link for you.

Security and Risk Assessments

Security and risk assessments are a big part of protecting property, persons and information security. Omega have a proven template to undertake security and risk assessments which includes problem solving to minimise your risks. With the advent of the new health and safety legislation (2016) protecting your property and persons is now a requirement. Directors, owners and managers can be liable under the health and safety legislation to any injuries to employees and contractors.

Our security and risk assessment can assist you to protect your people.