Fraud – Vigilance Required in Assessing Forms of Identification

Omega have just completed a successful fraud operation involving…

Credit card scam

Stuff / Sunday StarTimes : ‘Fraud Film Festival’

Scammers, fraudsters, liars and cheats are finally getting their moment in the limelight. The 'Fraud Film Festival' is coming to New Zealand, making this country the first to replicate the popular Dutch event. The goal of the two-day festival, now in its second year, is to raise awareness of fraud and financial crime in a unique way.

The Fraud Film Festival is coming to New Zealand!

Last month, Deloitte in the Netherlands, together with a number of other key partners, ran a two day Fraud Film Festival in Amsterdam. This cultural event is in its second year and has a unique goal of..

Pre-Christmas strategies to prevent loss or damage to your business

It is commonly accepted that criminals require money as anyone else does during the Christmas period and the instances of crime increase prior to Christmas. Criminals target persons during the busy period when they are distracted.